UFO confirmed by Pentagon 27th of April 2020

Was it a hoax or fake news when Pentagon released the UFO videos? No, it wasn’t

The U.S. Department of Defense i.e. the Pentagon have announced on 27th of April 2020 that the previously leaked sightings of unknown flying objects (UFO-s, but unidendified aerial phenomena, as the Pentagon themselves call this) were indeed real and originated from the Pentagon’s archives. The videos officially confirmed now had originally been leaked years ago […]

WRC Toyota co-driver with Ott Tänak experience

Drove as Ott Tänak’s co-driver on Martin Järveoja’s seat in Toyota WRC for 5 mins. Here’s what happened.

Long story short: “It is like stepping to another dimension of events that you have not had an imagination of before.” The co-driver experience On 30th of June 2019 Ott Tänak and Martin Järveoja took part of a public event for the rally fans in Estonia – Delfi Rally Day in Tallinn. Two lucky rally […]

macbook turned on

Best Antivirus Protection In 2019

Cybercrime has been on the rise in recent times, and one of the top cybercrime trends of 2019 is the advanced phishing attacks. Online fraudsters are continually targeting vulnerable devices and using the advanced phishing kits available on the dark web. However, one way of curbing this is by using a stable antivirus program. The […]

bmw e46 320d touring

Solved: Turn key no crank BMW E46 320d (2004)

Update: It was the key! We took the key apart and used the microchip inside to test whether it gets recognized by the immobilizer. Guess what – when putting the microchip/board next to the keyhole, a clicking sound came from lower left of the dashboard. The car regognized the chip when it was placed nearer […]

sensors state dji phantom

Tip: Accelerometer failed DJI Phantom 3 (Data Error)

This is to help anyone that has recently crashed or hit their DJI Phantom 3 (or maybe even some other ones) and got an error saying “Data Error” or “Accelerometer failed“. I crashed my DJI Phantom 3 into a gate and it started giving me this Accelerometer error. When trying the IMU calibration, it got […]

youtube thumbnail finder

Tip: Easiest way to find YouTube video thumbnail image

YouTube is a funny place. Everyone is able to become a video publisher and host tons and tons of videos online for free. I love YouTube service, but only one thing annoys me a lot: When you click on the video because of the thumbnail and the thumbnail never even appears in the video.   […]


The Best Free Online Photo Editor

Ever searched for an online photo editor such as Adobe Photoshop that lets you do all the basic stuff you need to do? Do you need to smudge, blur, sharpen on sponge? Do you need to burn colors or reduce red eyes on photos? Do you need to dodge colors or fill areas? Do you […]


Minus sign in AdSense earnings

A couple of days ago I found weird minus earnings in AdSense. The numbers are weird and also the minus sign. There doesn’t seem to be much talk around this subject, only tens of people have reported this on Google Product Forums. A couple of people have posted official answers from AdSense team that this […]


Get YouTube Thumbnail image in 3 clicks (in 2016)

Ever since YouTube has removed the Stop feature from its player, people need another trick to view the video thumbnail that most of the time is the call to click from the related videos list.  How to see a YouTube video’s thumbnail image in full resolution?  EASIEST: go to YouTube Thumbnail Viewer and Downloader But […]