Tip: Accelerometer failed DJI Phantom 3 (Data Error)

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This is to help anyone that has recently crashed or hit their DJI Phantom 3 (or maybe even some other ones) and got an error saying “Data Error” or “Accelerometer failed“.

I crashed my DJI Phantom 3 into a gate and it started giving me this Accelerometer error. When trying the IMU calibration, it got stuck on 2% and said it failed with an unspecified error.

I googled a lot and found out that when accelerometer fails, you need to basically hit it from the other side that it had collided on. This meant only one thing – take the drone apart to access the accelerometer.

Disassembling the drone required a longer torx screwdriver than I had. Also the plastic has very stiff clicks inside that keep the frame together so it was kind of difficult to open it all up.


So what did I do?

My drone fell from 2m on its top side. This means I needed to hit the accelerometer from the bottom. When navigating to IMU calibration menu, the Y value of the accelerometer was stuck at -16G! So this is why the Abnormal status was being displayed everywhere.

To hit the accelerometer from the bottom I did this: removed the camera and gimbal from the bottom, removed the battery, removed propellers and gave the drone frame a couple of pretty strong hits with my fist from the bottom.

And guess what. After connecting everything back together, the IMU calibration didn’t fail and the readings were all correct.


What are the normal values in Sensors state menu?

MOD values: 0, 1 for accelerometer and around 1300-1400 for compass.


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DJI Phantom 3 Firmware update guide: http://dl.djicdn.com/downloads/phantom_3_standard/en/Firmware_Update_Guide_en_v1.4.pdf


Post Author: Tom Pai