The Best Free Online Photo Editor

Ever searched for an online photo editor such as Adobe Photoshop that lets you do all the basic stuff you need to do? Do you need to smudge, blur, sharpen on sponge? Do you need to burn colors or reduce red eyes on photos? Do you need to dodge colors or fill areas? Do you need to have the magic wand tool to select similar colors to cut out or repaint them completely or fill with a gradient? Or have multiple layers just like you do in Adobe Photoshop?

There are many free sources out there, but my favourite that I’m sticking to is the Autodest Pixlr Editor.


Autodesk Pixlr Editor is available for free. It is sponsored by ads that are constantly running on the right side of your workspace but they are not on your way of creating your next masterpieces.


The brush tool offers some very interesting options like sketchy, trail or sticky, that will generate you artistic effects literally in seconds that you with pencil would take days to draw.


Here’s my example of 1 minute art by Autodesk Pixlr.


But having fun is not all you can do with it. It will resize images, crop, change the canvas size, flip the canvas, have layer styles and even have filters like you have in Photoshop.


All in all – if you ever need a free photo editor online, Autodesk Pixlr Editor is my sure recommendation.


Post Author: Tom Pai