I’m taking on an old medieval tavern building. Will try and build my workspace in it

Lüllemäe old tavern house in Estonia
Lüllemäe old tavern house in Estonia (historically Karolen Kirchenkrug – Church’s Tavern of Karula)

In 2014 I made an unpopular decision to move from capital city back to the countryside of South-Estonia, Lüllemäe and worked here remotely for some time now.

I’m keen of renovation and acquired an old (very old, supposedly originating from 15th century) tavern building made of stone and rock with lime plastered interiors here, you know the kind where the horsemen back in the days tied their horses in front and went in for some good ol’ ale or maybe even something stronger 😉

The house has historically been a part of the church manor and originally has been called the churches tavern.

Photo of Lüllemäe Tavern house taken about year 1900
Photo of Lüllemäe Tavern house taken about year 1900 (source: Karula Muinsuskaitse Selts)

A few centuries ago German language was quite popular in Estonia among higher society and thus the house has been called Karolen Kirchenkrug (translating from German as the Church’s Tavern of Karula).

It has survived all the war periods that have hit this area (which the church itsself that is about 400m from the tavern did not survive).

What’s the plan with the tavern house?

The office plan on the 2nd floor
The office plan on the 2nd floor

The plan is to renovate it starting from office space on the 2nd floor. I have come to need a place to work that is not the home office, a change of environment to tackle work tasks more effectively.

The office area with the stairway hall is in total about 100 square metres. It will all be a big and of course costly task.

The floor plan created in Floorplanner looks like the image on the right.

On the 1st floor for a long time a local bar operated but shut down already 10 years ago. The floor was wrecked (but at the time of writing this a new concrete floor with heating pipes inside is already installed! Most likely the 1st floor will host some cafe or free time spending rooms. TBD.

1st floor bar area getting a new floor installation (heating pipes before concrete)
1st floor former pub area getting a new floor installation (heating pipes before concrete)

One of my articles helped you out and you want to thank me?

You can contribute to my renovation project and send a dollar or an euro. No hassle, easy PayPal contribution with a card or a PayPal account.

Chip in here (it’s a public PayPal pool for collecting money). You can chip in anonymously or opt-in to have your name listed in the contributors section, add your website details in the message for a backlink if you wish.

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Can you visit me?

Yes, you can. South-Estonia is running it’s own remote working initiative called Kupland that encourages people in Estonia, but also from all over the World to come and do remote working in South-Estonia’s nature bliss.

I will set up a desk or two for guest workers who might come and enjoy some office space and maybe talk about the world and exchange experience. There will be room and accommodation is not to be looked too far from, in case even overnight or longer periods of stay would be planned.

If you want to receive updates about how the renovation is going, best is to follow this page on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/tompai.pro/


Doing IT is one thing, but doing something in real life and contributing with own work and hands is something else. Hoping this building gets the attention and preservation it deserves and that it will thrive, full of life and events, for centuries to come.

Post Author: Tom Pai