Guaana is giving away 10% of the company to scientists around the World

As an interested member of the scientific community I am sharing the offer by Guaana.

Want to own a fraction of a scientific community that drives the World innovation tomorrow?

Guaana is giving 10% of their company to 100,000 scientists worldwide. Claim your share and see the full announcement by Guaana here


What is Guaana? 

Our mission is to develop a universal format for scientific projects. A record of the scientific process that includes everything from preliminary ideas and research to methods and analysis, from laboratory notebooks and data to null results and proposed contributions. By integrating an array of software and data formats used in science, Guaana can provide a uniform digital footprint of the scientific process that is human and machine readable.

We are a community of scientists, innovators, engineers, thinkers, and visionaries brought together by a passion to accelerate scientific and technological breakthroughs. 

I claimed my share, do claim yours, share your invite link (click and see why – they are giving away even more for early joiners) and take part of the most interesting community there probably will come! 

Post Author: Tom Pai