Facebook Emoticons Full List

smiley-emoticonFacebook emoticons full list

Facebook emoticons can be used in Facebook chat. To insert an emoticon in chat, enter or copy the corresponding shortcut key in your chat window and upon hitting Send/Enter the emoticon shortcut key transforms into an image.

Standard Facebook emoticons 

42 42  :42:           curlylips Curly Lips :3
angel Angel O:)   devil Devil 3:)
confused Confused o.O   frown Sad, frown 🙁
cry Cry :'(   gasp Surprise, gasp :O
glasses Glasses, geek 8)   pacman Pacman :v
grin Laugh, big smile 😀   penguin Penguin <(“)
grumpy Grumpy, mad >:(   putnam Chris Putnam :putnam:
heart Heart <3   robot Robot :|]
kiki Very happy ^_^   shark Shark (^^^)
Kiss - Facebook emoticon Kiss :*   smile Smile 🙂
squint Squint, moody -_-   unsure Unsure, thinking :/
sunglasses Sunglasses, hot 8|   upset Upset, very angry >:o
tongue Tongue out :p   wink Wink 😉


NEW Custom Facebook emoticons

Mark Zuckenberg - Facebook emoticon   Mark Zuckenberg [[zuck]]  [[4]] 
Firefox - Facebook emoticon Firefox [[firefox]] [[14696440021]]
Google Chrome - Facebook emoticon Google Chrome [[googlechrome]] [[321662419491]]
Facebook - Facebook emoticon Facebook [[facebook]] [[20531316728]]
Trollface emoticon - Facebook emoticons Troll face [[171108522930776]]  
Megusta emoticon - Facebook emoticons Megusta [[164413893600463]]  
Yao emoticon - Facebook Yao [[218595638164996]]  
LOL emoticon - Facebook LOLOL [[189637151067601]]  
Poker face emoticon - Facebook Poker face [[129627277060203]]  
Forever alone emoticon - Facebook Forever alone [[227644903931785]]  
Okay emoticon - Facebook Okay [[100002752520227]]  
Fk yea emoticon - Facebook FK YEA [[105387672833401]]  
Challenge accepted emoticon - Facebook Challenge accepted [[100002727365206]]  
Forever alone emoticon - Facebook Forever alone [[125038607580286]]  
You kidding me emoticon - Facebook Fk you kidding me [[143220739082110]]  
Feel like a sir emoticon - Facebook Feel like a sir [[168040846586189]]  
Not bad emoticon - Facebook Not bad [[169919399735055]]  
Mother of god emoticon - Facebook Mother of god [[142670085793927]]  
Derp emoticon - Facebook DERP [[224812970902314]]  
Derpina emoticon - Facebook Derpina [[192644604154319]]  

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