Best Antivirus Protection In 2019

Cybercrime has been on the rise in recent times, and one of the top cybercrime trends of 2019 is the advanced phishing attacks. Online fraudsters are continually targeting vulnerable devices and using the advanced phishing kits available on the dark web. However, one way of curbing this is by using a stable antivirus program. The antivirus will immediately detect the dark sites and block them in advance. In turn, you’ll be safe from the attacks and only browse the secure sites.

But how do you get the perfect antivirus? Which is the best antivirus out there to get for your computer? Generally, it is not a specific antivirus, but rather an antivirus that has all the qualities to keep you safe from virus and malware attacks. That being said, here are qualities of a good antivirus program:

1. Easy Installation

Before you can enjoy the protection of the antivirus on your computer, you need to install it first. You don’t want an antivirus that is complicated to install. In most cases, a good antivirus will have a one-touch installation.

Once you pay for it or get the free version, you should easily click on it and start the installation process. It should not take longer than 5 minutes to install. Some do take just about 60 seconds and they will be up and ready to start protecting your system.

2. Getting Started and User Interface

Another thing to consider is the ease of use of the antivirus. Whether you are new to the antivirus or you have been using it for a long time, it shouldn’t give you a hard time when handling it. Once the antivirus is installed, you should be able to start using it without any complication.

For example, the antivirus should have a scan section that must be easy to understand. Mostly, you will have an option of doing a quick scan or an advanced/full scan. Another option is to choose the specific disk/drive you wish to scan. In this case, you can easily go with the scan option that you prefer.

Other than that, the antivirus should let you access the available features without any difficulty. Long story short, the user interface should be as friendly as possible.

3. Performance on the machine

This point is not about the ability of the antivirus to protect you against the virus and malware attacks. Rather, it’s about it running smoothly on your machine. The program should not lag your computer and interrupt the running of other programs.

Once you launch the antivirus, it should run smoothly without any problem. If it lags the computer, it might not be as reliable as such. Nevertheless, this still depends on the specs of your CPU. You want to ensure that the machine has a big enough RAM and hard drive space. The processor should also be strong enough to run the antivirus even in the background without slowing down the machine.

So, ensure that your machine is powerful enough to handle the antivirus.

4. Detection Level

This is the first point we touched when we introduced antivirus in this article. The antivirus program that you go for must have a high detection level. It is like going for a guard dog with high instincts or detection. An antivirus with high detection will stop you from accessing the dark sites and also prevent you from being a possible victim of phishing or any other cyber attack.

In other words, the antivirus program must be able to keep you safe as you access the internet. Besides that, it should also detect any possible virus or malware that got through your computer’s default security check.

When you are choosing one of the top 10 antivirus programs, ensure that it comes with a high detection level to lessen the chances of being a victim of virus and malware attack.

5. Necessary Action Taken

What happens when the antivirus finds the virus or malicious file/program on your computer? That is the major point of concern. It is not only about detecting viruses and malware as many times as possible. Rather, it’s about taking the necessary action when that virus is found. In this case, the antivirus should quarantine the virus or any other malicious content found on your computer.

Keep in mind that most free version antivirus programs will only alert you of any virus/malicious file in your system. But, they will not have the option to take any action after that. In this case, your system will not be safe.

All in all, ensure that you get an antivirus that lets you take the necessary action once the malicious file is detected on your computer.

6. Anti-Malware, Anti-Spyware, And Email Protection

These are some of the features that any good antivirus should have. The anti-malware feature might seem normal, but it is one of the things you must consider when picking a good antivirus program. The anti-malware and anti-spyware will protect your computer against viruses, zero-day attacks, Trojan attacks, and more.

Email protection is also vital because most people communicate via emails. You might receive an email from a suspicious recipient. That email may also contain unsafe content, and here is where the antivirus steps in with the email protection.

When you combine the anti-malware, anti-spyware, and email protection, you can be confident and safe enough from the phishing emails or all those malicious websites. So, ensure that the antivirus program you choose has an anti-malware and anti-spyware feature.

7. Good Pricing

You might think that the pricing of the antivirus program is not relevant, but it really is. Having an antivirus with good pricing means that you can purchase (and maintain it) without a problem. In other words, you will be using that antivirus for the longest time possible because it is easily affordable. But keep in mind that a good antivirus is not always about the affordability. Rather it’s about its performance.

So, these are some of the features you should consider when choosing an antivirus. If you’re not satisfied, check out these frequently asked questions about antivirus programs to give you more information. Don’t forget to always go for an antivirus from a reputable brand.

Post Author: Tom Pai