I’m Tom Pai, this is my website.

I test and review stuff available online so you can make a safer decision based on what I’ve learned. I am The Debater personality. So I’m never wrong. Occasionally I write solutions to problems I have encountered to help others.

I’ve been writing online since 2008 when me and my friend set up an online how-to website that we have sold to date.

My belief is everyone has a duty to share their experience and valuable information online as the globally available vast source of information needs creators as much as it needs consumers.

I’ve had a chance to be actively included in here and there and I’m happily sharing my best of them.

Thanks to ThemeIsle for their job on a great online magazine theme that I’ve used as basis to this site’s design.


About me

My career includes IT support, ITIL problem management, configuration management, IT management & maintenance, teaching/lecturing, web creation, running startups, taking part of non-profits, being an IT development manager and IT Operations Specialist also running alerting, monitoring and release management (that’s called a DevOps or a Site Reliability Engineer).

I’ve been designing webs on Joomla!, WordPress and Magento and run a website called Joomlaboy.com for over 5 years. Due to Joomla! being a copyrighted trademark now and personally moving over to WordPress, I’ve moved all the content over to this new personal website.

As an addition to making websites I also have held several practical courses to teach web development and WordPress. I’ve also ran a primary school additional course of introduction to robotics and teached middleschoolers to use digital age technologies in their studies and field of specialty.


Website color choice:

Orange promotes: friendliness, energy, uniqueness. As the most muted of the warm colors, orange is uniquely versatile. As a primary color it can be engaging and energizing, and as a secondary color it also retains these properties in an unobtrusive way. Orange also helps to create a sensation of movement and energy.


That’s me. My favourite colors are blue and orange and possibly combinations of them. Add green in any tone for feeling of growth, peacefulness and eco-friendliness.


Logo hidden meaning:

The logo has a compass needle as the dot on the i. The south (or the dark-orange or red) arrow is hidden and will be shown only on certain applications of the logo.

Why a compass needle? I’m focusing on offering solutions, showing ways to solve problems or find ways. I’m into camping and hiking so there’s no better object for me to include.

Colors: solid 95% black, a hint of blue and orange for purity and active movement implication. Pure, clean, fast (in motion), knowsome.