Solved: Yoast SEO “Archive” in WooCommerce category title

yoast-seo-archive-productI set up a WordPress site for a client and included WooCommerce as it’s e-commerce handler. All was looking good until I started working on SEO and installed the exellent Yoast SEO plugin for that, which gives me control over meta titles, description etc. I noticed a word “Archive” in category titles which needed to be removed.


How to remove the Word Archive from WooCommerce product category titles? Simpler than you would have thought.

1. Go to SEO -> Titles & metas -> Taxonomies

2. Scroll down a bit to find “Product categories” section

3. Remove the word Archives from between the percent marks so the title template field looks like this:

%%term_title%% %%page%% %%sep%% %%sitename%%

4. Scroll down to save and you’re done. 

Here is a lovely video on the matter from Christine F. Abela:





Post Author: Tom Pai