Solved: disable WordPress updates notifications

WordPress logo4WordPress admins can get annoyed or distracted if they have plugins (usually every WordPress site done for a client has at least 5 plugins) and all the plugins time to time start notifying that they need to be updated. 

This can lead to situations where untested plugins or WordPress core will be updated by the client and after this the webmaster needs to resolve issues of conflicts or just try and restore the site if it didn’t work out. 

Sometimes it’s best that the updates are handled by a professional only. 

Here’s how to completely turn off WordPress plugin/core update notifications from the admin menu.

1. Add the following php code to your theme functions.php

function remove_core_updates(){

global $wp_version;

return(object) array(‘last_checked’=> time(),’version_checked’=> $wp_version,);






2. Save the file and enjoy! The next time you log in to the site you can just delete the code to check for updates.

This code will remove check for updates button and all the notifications from the admin menu. 


Post Author: Tom Pai