Solved: Contact Form 7 autoresponder From name is WordPress

Contact Form 7 comes in handy as a really simple but functional contact form plugin for WordPress. There may be an issue for some users that want to activate the autoreply or autoresponder e-mail that will be sent to the customer as a notification about receiving the sent query through the mail form, but the sender’s name may appear as “WordPress”.

The settings allow to use this second e-mail, but the sender’s name has to be entered in a specific way if you’d like to have your desired name as the sender’s name in the recipient’s inbox.

To specify the sender’s name in your Contact Form 7 forms go like this:

  1. Create your contact form as usual and add it to your site.
  2. In settings go to Contact -> Contact Forms -> Mail tab
    Contact Form 7 mail tab to set up autoresponder from name
  3. Scroll down to the section where you can add a tick to Use Mail (2), tick it and a new settings form appears
  4. See the row From and insert your senders name and e-mail in appropriate format:
    Sender’s Name <>

There is a simple reference to this in GitHub and on Contact Form 7 support.

Post Author: Tom Pai