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Solved: WordPress Admin Internal Server Error 500 after Update to 4.8

When I hit update on my WordPress 4.7.4 to update to 4.8 it almost instantly returned me an error 500 – Internal Server Error when trying to access WordPress admin area (wp-admin). This led me to a troubleshooting procedure and a lot of Googling (that didn’t help). How did I solve it? Internal Server Error […]

SOLVED: CPW2 port provided by CutePDF Writer in use

When trying to uninstall CutePDF writer, you may get the error message: “The CPW2: port provided by CutePDF is still being used. Disconnect all printers from this port, then uninstall CutePDF Writer.”   Solution to CPW2 port provided by CutePDF writer in use error: Open Control Panel -> Printers Locate CutePDF and double click it […]

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CiviCRM error: send a valid username and password

I installed CiviCRM free client relations manager component version 4.0.8 into Joomla 1.7.3. CiviCRM has many great features, one of which is the optional CiviMail bulk e-mail component. CiviMail needs a cron job to process all the scheduled mailings that you intend to send out to your mailinglists, but I was having a hard time getting the […]