Solved: Open .ASD file with Word 2007

In a previous post I discussed how to open a Word autorecover file with .asd extension with Word 2010, from comments in there arose a need to open ASD files in Word 2007

Microsoft Word message - Microsoft Office Word cannot open this file because it is an unsupported file type

I managed to open .ASD files in Word 2007 like this:

  1. Open Word 2007 and create a new document
  2. Click Word button -> Word Options -> Save
  3. See where your AutoRecover file location points to, mine was C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Word\
  4. Copy paste the .asd file to that folder (if it already isn’t)
  5. Open the Open dialog, select “All files” on the bottom right corner and navigate to the folder you located in point 3.
  6. Select the .asd file, cross your fingers and click Open to open it.

It seems that Word only opens your .ASD from your AutoRecover file location, try to open it with Word from your Desktop and get the “cannot open this file because it is an unsupported file type“.

I tested it many ways, including drag-drop into Word and it seems that Word doesn’t want to open the .ASD from your desktop, C: drive or elsewhere, only from your AutoRecover file location folder.



Alternative method to open ASD file:

1. Place a copy the .asd file into the unsaved files folder C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Office\UnsavedFiles

2. Open Word and click on File – Recent

3. Looking down the bottom of the screen you see a button/box titled “Recover Unsaved Documents”

4. Click that button/box and open the .asd file you placed in the unsaved files folder in Step 1.


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Post Author: Tom Pai