Dell graphics driver install (Inspiron N5110)

Recently I struggled with a problem getting HDMI signal from Dell Inspiron N5110 to TV. The computer had just recently been clean installed and all the relevant drivers (selected using service tag) including Intel HD Graphics from installed.

In device manager under graphics devices it showed Intel HD Graphics and Standard VGA Adapter. Standard VGA adapter had a yellow exclamation mark next to it and its state reported to be “error 10”, device cannot start.

Solution to installing graphics drivers on a Dell laptop and getting the HDMI signal from computer to TV again:

  1. Install all chipset drivers your computer needs.
  2. Install Intel Graphics driver.
  3. Find out whether you have nVidia or AMD graphics in your Dell. Use original nVidia graphics detector and/or ATI driver detector to find whether you need nVidia or ATI drivers.
  4. Download & install those drivers that these detection tools offer for you. Alternatively you can download the correct drivers from (Inspiron N5110 example here)

Thats it! Who would’ve guessed that you need to install graphics drivers twice, e.g. first Intel and then nVidia. But that’s what worked for me and the yellow exclamation mark was gone & Standard VGA adapter replaced with nVidia adapter.

Good luck!

Post Author: Tom Pai