Solved: Edit Admin Menu Item Text in WordPress

My client asked me whether I could change their Posts link in admin area of WordPress to something more clearly recognisable. Like News. So this is how to change Posts to News in WordPress admin area.  Add to functions.php the following code: // Rename Posts to News in Menu function wptutsplus_change_post_menu_label() {     global $menu;     global […]

Solved: Remove “for” from Tribe Events Calendar month view

Need to edit the month view page title in the Tribe Events calendar?  Look for this file in your webserver: \wp-content\plugins\the-events-calendar\src\functions\template-tags\loop.php Near rows 150 find the function tribe_is_month. There you will find the hard coded “for“   Pretty hard to solve if plugin creators hard-code language strings. Otherwise the plugin works and is a really […]

fa icons bridge theme

Solved: Bridge theme fa-icons list

Ahh, the magnificent Bridge theme for WordPress.  Unfortunately, when trying to add icons via Visual Composer to page blocks, you only have a text reference to the icons and you can use your imagination only to guess how the icons will look like. Bridge theme authors, take note.  Here is the complete list of icons […]

Exclude WordPress category from blog list

Sometimes you would like certain categories of your WordPress blog not to appear on your blog articles list. Here’s how to remove articles of some certain categories from appearing in your blog list.   1. Find the category ID Go to Posts -> Categories , click on your category to open it for editing. No […]

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Solved: Line breaks deleted in WordPress editor

Most annoying thing with default WordPress setup is that it deletes line breaks and you will have to play around with editing the source code / text view which is not too convenient, sorry, for most of the users.  To be able to really work around the issue of WordPress deleting the line breaks is […]

Facebook Like Box to WP Maintenance Mode plugin

Just used the WP Maintenance Mode plugin to display a coming soon splash page on one of my websites. It lacked one feature that I needed – to display a like box for people to join my Facebook page straight on the coming soon page (included only adding a link to my FB page). Here’s […]

Moving wordpress (image from

Move WordPress to new location or server, easiest way

When creating a site on WordPress there comes a point when you need to move it to production environment, to client’s webhosting etc. Here is the simplest way of moving WordPress.    1. Copy all files to new server via FTP   2. Export database via phpmyadmin from a) old server and b) import to new […]

“Home” in WooCommerce breadcrumbs translation

Wow, did I spend a lot of time on this one. I am using WordPress WooCommerce and Mystile theme. And guess what, I need to translate the Home in the beginning of the breadcrumbs. I had a string translation in both theme and WooCommerce translations set up, I tried a custom function to replace the […]