How-to: Turn on error logging in Magento

Sometimes you need to see errors that aren’t otherwise visible (I needed it to analyze Magento – Erply POS sync errors). Here’s how to turn on error logging in Magento and read the error logs: 1) Turn on error logging: Admin > Configuration > Developer > Log Settings > Enabled = Yes 2) FTP to […]

There was a problem indexing Product Flat Data

I deleted a whole lot of products and orders in Magento with a query. After I tried to reindex tables I got an error saying there was a problem reindexing data. Further investigation lead me to Magento community where I found a decent answer to my problem. Seems that when deleting product data the Product Flat […]

Delete all orders and customer data Magento 1.6

Sometimes you need to delete all orders and customer data from Magento. Here’s the SQL query tested to work on 1.6.  SET FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS=0;   — Here’s where we reset the orders TRUNCATE `sales_flat_order`; TRUNCATE `sales_flat_order_address`; TRUNCATE `sales_flat_order_grid`; TRUNCATE `sales_flat_order_item`; TRUNCATE `sales_flat_order_status_history`; TRUNCATE `sales_flat_quote`; TRUNCATE `sales_flat_quote_address`; TRUNCATE `sales_flat_quote_address_item`; TRUNCATE `sales_flat_quote_item`; TRUNCATE `sales_flat_quote_item_option`; TRUNCATE `sales_flat_order_payment`; TRUNCATE `sales_flat_quote_payment`; […]


Solved: Error 503 in Magento – Service Temporarily Unavailable

  Getting a Magento 503 “Service Temporarily Unavailable”error? Possible solutions below.  Here’s the Solution to Magento error 503: 1. There is a problem with the server. You should contact your hosting or restart/reconfigure your apache on your local machine. 2. Your store is in maintenance mode which happens when Magento sees a file named maintenance.flag […]

Magento Free Shipping When Ordering X Or More Products

Would you like to offer free shipping to your customers when they order X or more products? Here is how you can simply set that up with no programming using Shopping Cart Price Rules.  1. Log in to Magento admin2. Go to Promotions -> Shopping Cart Price Rules3. Click Add new rule4. In rule info […]

Solved: Magento SQLSTATE[28000] Access denied

“SQLSTATE[28000] [1045] Access denied for user ‘your username’ (using password: YES)” Getting that error in your Magento store? I got it after moving a Magento to another server. The solution was simple, I had just entered the database connection username and password to wrong lines.  Solution for SQLSTATE access denied error: 1. Open local.xml in […]

Magento database configuration file location

Should you need to change Magento database settings, for example when moving your Magento store to another server, you can find your database settings in: \app\etc\local.xml Starting from line 41 the Magento store database connection info looks like this <default_setup> <connection> <host><![CDATA[your server address]]></host> <username><![CDATA[your db username]]></username> <password><![CDATA[your db users password]]></password> <dbname><![CDATA[your database name]]></dbname> <initStatements><![CDATA[SET […]