Solved: Chrome plugins tab closing automatically, can’t open – malware

My mother called me that her computer was sending Facebook messages to her friends and posting strange Google Drive videos on her Facebook wall with her profile image as the placeholder image of the video. Plus she can’t remove the videos. So I used Teamviewer to help her (we are 500km of distance) and located […]

lan message 1

Tip: Send a message to PC screen on the same LAN

There’s a cool little trick to do when in a LAN (local area network) where multiple of PC-s are conneted to the same network. You can send a closeable computer message to a PC in the same network as yours using only the command line.  The message looks like this on the receiving computer.    […]

optional features media player win 10

Solved: Windows Media Player on Windows 10

Do you need to find Windows Media Player on Windows 10? It seems that it is lost or even not installed? Well, most of the times it is still available, just not enabled! Here’s how to activate Windows Media Player on a Windows 10 PC. 1. Type optionalfeatures.exe into the search box and run it […]

windows 10 autocorrect edge off

Tip: Turn off AutoCorrect in Edge / Windows 10

I was surprised to see that when I typed a word in Estonian “kindel” it got autocorrected to “kindle” in Facebook chat where I’d logged in from Edge browser and using Windows 10. That’s pretty annoying! So a little bit of research and turns out there is no autocorrect setting in Edge browser itsself but […]


SOLVED: .NET 4.0 stuck – hangs installing Client Profile

A client had a really annoying issue when installing PDF Creator – the free PDF solution. Turns out that PDF Creator requires .NET 4.0 Client Framework to run. And prior to installing the actual PDF Creator software the .NET 4.0 installer executes.  To make things annoying, the installer gets stuck at Installing .NET Framework Client […]


Solved: Error 789 when connecting VPN via L2TP

When setting up a VPN connection from Windows 7 to Mac OS X based VPN server, I received an error 789 saying:  Error 789: The L2TP connection attempt failed because the security layer encountered a processing error during initial negotiations with the remote computer.  If you continue to receive error messages, you can enable logging […]

Tip: How to find your public IP address

Whenever in need to find your IP address, you can always google for a service that returns your IP address. Or you can use one of my suggested options: 1. Visit IP-aadress ( to see your IP-address 2. Type ip address to Google search engine, if my site didn’t help you