bmw e46 320d touring

Turn key nothing happens BMW E46

Had a really weird issue with my BMW 320d (e46). Put the key in ignition, all lights turn on, but when starting, nothing. No change in lights, no clicks, no cranking. I could hear the pump hitting up the fuel, that was the only sound coming from outside. So, I thought it is the immobilizer, […]

sensors state dji phantom

Tip: Accelerometer failed DJI Phantom 3 (Data Error)

This is to help anyone that has recently crashed or hit their DJI Phantom 3 (or maybe even some other ones) and got an error saying “Data Error” or “Accelerometer failed“. I crashed my DJI Phantom 3 into a gate and it started giving me this Accelerometer error. When trying the IMU calibration, it got […]

youtube thumbnail finder

Tip: Easiest way to find YouTube video thumbnail image

YouTube is a funny place. Everyone is able to become a video publisher and host tons and tons of videos online for free. I love YouTube service, but only one thing annoys me a lot: When you click on the video because of the thumbnail and the thumbnail never even appears in the video.   […]


The Best Free Online Photo Editor

Ever searched for an online photo editor such as Adobe Photoshop that lets you do all the basic stuff you need to do? Do you need to smudge, blur, sharpen on sponge? Do you need to burn colors or reduce red eyes on photos? Do you need to dodge colors or fill areas? Do you […]


Minus sign in AdSense earnings

A couple of days ago I found weird minus earnings in AdSense. The numbers are weird and also the minus sign. There doesn’t seem to be much talk around this subject, only tens of people have reported this on Google Product Forums. A couple of people have posted official answers from AdSense team that this […]


Get YouTube Thumbnail image in 3 clicks (in 2016)

Ever since YouTube has removed the Stop feature from its player, people need another trick to view the video thumbnail that most of the time is the call to click from the related videos list.  How to see a YouTube video’s thumbnail image in full resolution?  EASIEST: go to YouTube Thumbnail Viewer and Downloader But […]


LOL: in Google Analytics

So I ran into a very suspicious issue the other day. A strange website had appeared in my Google Analytics – Oh, hacked again! I thought and almost wanted to go and start changing my passwords.   What it appears is it actually is a Google sandbox website that has been inserted for instructional […]

E-residency in Estonia went live

This mail just popped in: Dear future e-Resident of Estonia,We are happy to announce you that we went live with e-Residency on the 1st December 2014! From now on, you can join the crowd of e-Estonians by applying for a secure digital identity provided by the Estonian government.We have updated the e-Residency website with practical details […]