VigLink: review & why I stopped using it

Have you tried VigLink to monetize your blog?

In search of possible ways to earn money from my blog I once (March 2013) stumbled upon a cool service called VigLink which basically was a install-once tool that would generate monetized links in your site from your content. Neat idea. 

Recently I joined another very promising affiliate program from DreamHost Hosting which is making you $97 per registered client. Not bad. So after a while I checked on the affiliate dashboard and noticed not a single click, not to mention any customers had gone their way from my site. Weird, since the banner is located at top-right, the sweetest position of them all.


So, began the witchhunt.

I right-clicked the banner and copied the link to check whether it correctly includes my affiliate ID and voila!, the link of that banner was already a long book of VigLink-s referral code with the DreamHost-s affiliate ID nowhere to be seen. 


The earnings must be on VigLink then, I thought. 


That is 1,5 years, over 1K of clicks and $1 in revenue. I don’t know how exactly is the revenue calculated, but considering the facts that it replaced links on my banners, I expected something else. 


Recalculate earnings: 

$1,5/1100clicks= $0,0014 per click, that’s 0,14 cents per click.


A well known other ad platform earns 200 times the higher revenue per click so VigLink’s earnings are not making much sense. 

VigLink-s support site says that to have clicks and no revenues is pretty normal. I have come to realize the reader’s of my blog must have their minds on something else than buying – guess that’s why the PPC is on the level it is.

On their TOS it is pointed out that “Payment will be issued to you at the end of each month for all Commissions earned by you that correspond to Merchant Revenue that VigLink has received up to that point. There is no minimum payment.”  The last payment I got was a year ago, then it was a promising 1,21$.

I consider this experiment finished and continue with my earnings based on clicks, but it sure doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give VigLink a try.

If you know any other monetization methods I should try, please leave me a note in the comments. I’d love to hear from your experience with VigLink.


To sum it all up:

Post Author: Tom Pai