Tip: Easiest way to find YouTube video thumbnail image

YouTube is a funny place. Everyone is able to become a video publisher and host tons and tons of videos online for free. I love YouTube service, but only one thing annoys me a lot:

When you click on the video because of the thumbnail and the thumbnail never even appears in the video.


Attracting clicks with no real content related thumbnails is common these days.


Here’s how to easily get the thumbnail of any YouTube video:

1. Open YouTubeThumbnail.net (safe, secure and tested, Google Ads powered web).

2. Paste the youtube video URL to the box in Youtubethumbnail.net and it returns the thumbnail image like magic.

youtube thumbnail finder

There are similar services on the web, but Youtubethumbnail.net is the safest (I can guarantee).


Also, it is possible to get the video thumbnail on the Youtube page itsself. This requires some knowledge of HTML.

1. On the keyboard click CTRL + U to view the source code of YouTube video page

2. CTRL + F to search in the code

3. Write: thumbnailurl to find the href value of thumbnail url

4. copy paste the thumbnail url to a new browser window or click on it to open the image in a new browser tab (Firefox).


Happy viewing the large full size YouTube thumbnails!



Post Author: Tom Pai