E-residency in Estonia went live

This mail just popped in:

Dear future e-Resident of Estonia,

We are happy to announce you that we went live with e-Residency on the 1st December 2014! From now on, you can join the crowd of e-Estonians by applying for a secure digital identity provided by the Estonian government.

We have updated the e-Residency website www.e-estonia.com/e-residents with practical details on how you can do just that, what services will be open, etc.
Our government is launching e-Residency like a good start-up would – with beta version or pilot stage to begin with. In this first stage,

• you have to visit our lovely country to apply, as it can be at first done only physically in Estonia – we are working to add our embassies as places of issue soon and further simplify the procedures;

• you will have access to first set of core services, from digital signing to online business registration and banking – at first they might still be easier to use with local partner or help (e.g. a correspondence address in Estonia is needed to set up a company), but we are working to clear the bumps on the road soon for next stages.

We hope to have you onboard soon! With your and the fellow e-Residents’ feedback, we strive to make e-Residency truly work for your benefit. Thanks goes to all those of you, who sent feedback to our last set of user survey questions – do know that we are already putting these to good use.

The option to become a beta tester for the initiative’s first phase is also still open, provided that you can visit us in Estonia to apply for the e-Residency.

Estonia is launching e-Residency in order to make everyday matters for you and doing business with us more efficient and hassle-free. We hope to make our economy and community also bigger in the process, at least in the digital sphere. We are excited to have you join the most digital society in the world, e-Estonia!

Digitally yours,
e-Residency project team


The con at the moment is that one needs to attend Estonia physically to obtain the e-residency ID card. The good thing is that steps are being taken to be able to get them via embassies.



Post Author: Tom Pai