Sweet sorrow – a state of mind (for World peace)

The following article is not the truth, but merely my opinion. It is considered wise but is highly recommended to be able to differentiate facts from opinions.

How could World live in peace so that no one ever hurt another human being? Well, I believe it is possible in a mental state of mind called “sweet sorrow“.

Sweet sorrow, mild suffering but with hope and happy sight towards the future, is a state of mind that no person is capable of doing any harm to another, is compassionate, caring, considerate and otherwise accepting towards others. It’s as if the heart wants to explode – there’s a fear or feeling of loss, but everything is just in place, is right, despite, and there’s a feeling of fulfilment accompanied with high levels of strength and will.

I believe when feeling sweet sorrow people are themselves, they speak calmly, from their hearts and they are always being listened. They have the courage to speak openly, about everything and show affection towards others and basically – live fully. Great deep conversations happen this way, great emotional connections are formed this way. Sweet sorrow reminds us the time is limited and we need to live the life, use opportunities and take good care of who are close, but also leave behind who do not fit in our lives.

Cases when sweet sorrow happens

  • sending a friend to live in another country
  • farewell to travel companions that you shared long awesome time with
  • funeral, maybe not of a very close person
  • listening to some songs
  • christmas time with loved ones, snow and christmas songs
  • nightdrives
  • nostalgic moments (reminders of the good old times)
  • sending Juliet to bed (while madly in love) to see her tomorrow -Romeo’s case


Listening to music can trigger the state of mind called sweet sorrow, but to me, I first need to have certain things happen to me ( a successful workday, a great workout, relief from a tension etc) to trigger sweet sorrow with music. I’m sure it’s different for people and quite sure not everyone can feel.

Here are some songs I have noticed trigger this state of mind:



Parting is such a sweet sorrow.

Parting is such a sweet sorrow is a quote that Shakespeare’s Romeo says to Juliet when they are parting for the night. It is sad that they have to leave each other but they have hope and delight in their hearts that they are going to see each other tomorrow. With hearts full of hope and joy mixed with little bit of sadness they lay in their beds.

If we lived in such a state of mind, we humans, would naturally be open, be truthful, speak up, not hold back, communicate openly and have a feeling that we and all the other people matter – so much troubles would just be gone. Sweet sorrow is what I believe very often happens in talent shows that most of the time promote people who have an emotions-triggering story attached to their performance. They get ovations and smaller mistakes get overlooked (may no one use this tactique to actually promote themselves – don’t be fake, please). This is what we people are looking for – being united in hardships that come basically same for all of us.

But we should laugh a lot to be in peace…?

Did you know that, by Freud, laughter, I mean the greatest deepest laughs, are triggered by these three concurrent conditions of the statement (that makes you laugh): the statement is untrue, unexpected and someone gets hurt by it. That’s why laughing cannot be the key to happiness or peace, there is always one, suffering side to jokes, and one side that is feeling fine, superior, due to it. But with compassionate and hopeful sweet sorrow that is not the case, you then smile from the heart. You are a better person when going about being in sweet sorrow.

Ps! Everyone wants to be a better person. Realising that the time here is limited, helps to be it.

Ps2! I resent fake laughter.

Ps3! I’m thankful for being able to feel what I’m feeling and that you made it to the end of the article.

Post Author: Tom Pai